How To Use Tables

The Table field is an extremely powerful field for a FormTab form. In this post we will show you a typical scenario where you could use this and a step by step process of the build.

The table field is used for when you have a series of fields referencing one item and the user needs to enter more than one entry.

An example of this could be a Meeting Sign In form where there may be multiple entries. The form below is an example of what a paper version of this form looks like and in the steps following we will show you how this will be converted into a table to be filled in on an ipad.

Building the Form

Firstly we can see that there are two defined sections: Meeting Details and the Attendees.

For the first section we will just use fields that best match.

Project => Text Field Facilitator => Text Field Place/Room => Text Field Date & Time => Datetime Field Here is a screenshot of how it would look in your form editor at

To record both date and time in one field click the settings cog for the date field, tick the "Show Time" checkbox and click "Update" as shown in the screenshot below.

Also note that we have made all of these fields required.

Building the Table

Next up we create the Meeting Attendees section and add a table field by clicking Advanced => Table as shown below.

Rename the table to the relating entries that will be entered in the table. In this case we will call it Attendee.

For each of the columns in the original form we will add the appropriate field to the table.

Name => Text Field Organisation => Text Field Phone => Number Field Email => Email Field Initial => Signature Field

And We're Done!

Enjoy the benefits of adding as many entries as needed, no longer being restricted by the constraints of a paper form. Below are screenshots demonstrating the entries of names into the table with an iPad as well as an example of what the resulting submission PDF would look like.

The below screenshots show the entries of names into the table using an iPad, by clicking +Add another entry can be added.

This is an example of what the resulting submission PDF would look like.

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