Managing Users


FormTab offers powerful and flexible ways to organise your Users.

With a variety of User Roles definable at the Account, Project and Team level, you can delegate Admin tasks while ensuring that a User only has access to the things they need.

First, it will help to get an understanding of how the FormTab permissions model works.


FormTab has 3 levels of Users:

  1. Account Users
    This includes all Users, in every Project & Team, in your account
  2. Project Users
    This includes all Users that belong to a Project or any of its Teams
  3. Team Users
    This consists of Users that have been assigned to a Team

A single User can belong to multiple Projects and Teams and have different Roles in each instance. The example below shows a list of Projects and Teams in an account along with the Roles for a particular User:

├─ Project A 	(Project Admin)
|  ├─ Team 1 	(Admin)
|  └─ Team 2 	(Admin)
├─ Project B 	(Project User)
|  ├─ Team 3 	(Team User)
|  └─ Team 4 	(No Access)
└─ Project C 	(No Access)
   ├─ Team 3 	(No Access)
   └─ Team 4 	(No Access)
  • In Project A the User is a Project Admin, so they have full access to the Project and all its Teams
  • In Project B the User has been added to Team 3 as a regular user, but has no access Team 4
  • In Project C the User has no access at all

User Roles

Below is a list of Roles for each level, along with the associated privileges:

Account User Roles

  • Account Owner (There is only one Account Owner. This is the person who setup the FormTab account)
    • Billing management
    • Plus everything the Account Admin can do
  • Account Admin
    • Add/Edit Projects
    • Add/Edit Forms
    • Manage Users
    • Access Submissions
    • Plus everything the Project Admin can do
  • Account Reporter
    • Access Submissions
  • Account User
    • Basic access

Project User Roles

  • Project Admin
    • Create/Edit Teams
    • Manage Team Users
    • Manage Team Forms
    • View Submissions
    • Add Users to the Project (if allowed)
    • Create Forms (if allowed)
  • Project Reporter
    • View Submissions of all Teams in this Project
  • Project User
    • Basic access

Team User Roles

  • Team Admin
    • Manage Forms
    • Manage Users
    • Access Submissions
    • Fill Forms
  • Team Reporter
    • Access Submissions
  • Team User
    • Fill Forms


A User can only fill in a Form if it is published to a Team and the User is a member of that Team. This applies equally to Project and Account Admins.

If a Project or Account Admins needs to fill in Forms, they need to be added to the relevant Team first.

Team Users

Team's Users are managed in the in the Users areaopen in new window of FormTab.

Team Users

If you have admin access to more than one Team, you can quickly switch between them using the Team Switcher.

Team Switcher

Adding Users to a Team

Add Users to Team

To add Users to the currently selected Team, click Add Users To Team

Add Users

  1. In the window that opens, type the email addresses of the Users you'd like to add
    • If a User with that email address already exists in your account, click their name in the list that appears to select them
    • Otherwise you can add them as a new User to your account (if the Project allows)
  2. Set the appropriate Role for each User
  3. Click Save


When a User is added to a Team and they are a brand new user:

  • They are also added to the parent Project (as a Project User) and to the overall account (as an Account User)
  • An invitation is sent to their email address. Once they accept the invitation, they will be added as a User to your account and included in your monthly billing
  • While a User can belong to multiple Projects & Teams, you are only billed for the total number of users in your account

Removing Users from a Team

  1. Locate the User in the Users areaopen in new window
  2. Click the trash button alongside the User you wish to remove

The User will only be removed from the currently selected Team

Account Users Account Admin Only

FormTab also provides a global view of all Users that belong to your account. This makes it easy to view and manage all your users across Projects and Teams.

You will find Account Users in the sidebar Settings menu.

Account Users menu

Account Users

Searching and Filtering Users

Select your account name in the folder list to show all Users in your account

Show Account Users

Select a Project in the folder list to only show Users from that Project.

Show Project Users

Use the Search/Filter options to search for a User or filter by Role type.

Account Users toolbar

View User Info

Click the info button for a User to see a full summary of all the Projects and Teams they have access to.

Account User info panel

You can add or remove the User from Projects and Teams by clicking the +/- buttons in the list.

Adding Users to your Account

Add Users to Team

To add Users to your account, click Add User

Add Users

  1. In the window that opens, type the email addresses of the Users you'd like to add.
  2. Click Add to add them to the new user list
  3. Set the appropriate Role for each User
  4. Click Save

If you wish to add these Users to Projects & Teams you do this in one of two ways:

  1. View the User's Info and add them to the relevant Projects and Teams
  2. Switch to the User area and add the User(s) to a Team

Adding Admin Users to your Account

Adding Admin Users follows the same process as adding users. Make sure you choose the appropriate Role before saving the new users.


You can change the Role of a User anytime using the dropdown menus in the User list

Removing Users from your Account

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