# Getting Started

# Setting Up Your Account

When you first create your FormTab Account, you'll want to take a moment to familiarise yourself with Formtab Central:

# Adding Teams and Users

By default you'll have one Team in your Account with you as the only Member

  • If the name given to this Team isn't relevant you can rename it. Click Edit Team Settings from the Team's Dashboard.

    Edit Team Settings

  • Add additional Users in the Members areaopen in new window


Check out Managing Teams and Users for more detailed information.

# Building Your First Form

Next you'll want to try out the FormTab Form Builder. It's really easy to use and will have you building fantastic forms in no time.

The default Team that was created when you opened your Account contains a couple of starter Forms. You'll find these in the Forms areaopen in new window of your Team.

Feel free to open and edit these Forms to see how they're put together. Add, remove or edit fields. The best way to learn is to simply get your hands dirty!


Check out Building Your First Form for an introduction to the Form Builder.

Check out the Form Builder Guide for more advanced information.

# Filling and Submitting Forms

Now it's time to start filling some Forms, to get a feel for FormTab in action. You'll see how easy FormTab is for your Users, if they can use an iOS or Android device, they'll be right at home in FormTab.

You can fill forms right in your browser in FormTab Centralopen in new window.

The best experience is using our native mobile apps - FormTab for iOS and FormTab for Android.


Check out Filling Forms for an introduction to the filling Forms on all platforms.

# Managing Submissions

Once your Teams start sending in their Submissions, FormTab offers a number of ways to work with the data.

  • Use FormTab as your repository to store submissions
  • Export data for manipulation in another app
  • Integrate with your own systems to get the data you need, in the right format


Check out Managing Submissions for more about dealing with your data.

Last Updated: 4/7/2021, 12:28:03 AM