Filling Forms

Users can fill FormTab Forms using their web browser, or native apps on the following platforms:

  • iOS (iPhone & iPad)
  • Android

FormTab makes filling Forms as easy as possible for your Users by keeping the features, layout and structure of a Form consistent, regardless of platform. However the user interface adheres to the design and conventions of each platform, making FormTab familiar and predictable.

Not only does this minimise the need for training, it also speeds up data entry for your Users.

Choosing a Form to Fill

Choosing a Form to fill is easy with the Form Browser:

  • Choose a Team
    If a user belongs to more than one Team, they need choose a Team first. This makes sure they only see the relevant Forms and that the Submission goes to the correct place. This is the only time the User needs to think about it.
  • Select a Form
    Find the appropriate Form in the list. Each form is identified by an Image, Title, Description and Version number. This way the User can be sure they are using the correct Form.
  • Name Your Submission
    A User can provide a name for their Submission. This is purely for their own reference and helps them if they are filling in many of the same type of Form at the same time. This name can be changed at any time.

Come Back to it Later

Not all Forms are completely filled in at once. With FormTab you can easily stop filling a Form and resume it at a later date. FormTab also saves as you go, so you won't lose data if your device runs out of battery.

Ready to Send

When your User is ready to send, by default, they only have to tap or click a single button. Even if your Form has Triggers or other automated workflows attached, the User just submits the Form and FormTab does the rest.

Work Offline

When using FormTab's mobile apps you can continue to work, even if the internet connection doesn't.

Forms and other important data are saved to the device providing offline access. Forms that have been submitted will stay in an upload queue until the device is back on line.

Note - some features require an active data connection to work correctly, such as Live Data Lists and Maps. If your Form contains these features, it will continue to work although functionality may limited. FormTab in your web browser doesn't offer offline support

FormTab for iOS

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FormTab for Android

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FormTab in your Web Browser

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